Point & Stick

spencer hapoienuLoyalty-enabled apps are heat-seeking missiles of promotional opportunities. By Spencer L. Hapoienu. Shopping apps are multiplying daily to entice shoppers into bricks-and-mortar stores. These apps are offering a variety of benefits — from locating available parking spots in the mall, to offers that periodically flash alerts on the app, to in-store GPS to help locate the bee pollen and musk-scented cologne for your Uncle Al.

But like all apps (including the mindless but habitual kind), shopper fatigue will quickly excise the app from the phone if it doesn’t do more than flash an alert for an offer that looks like the same offer in the circular. Given the numerous apps available, how is a consumer to decide which mobile apps to download? In the old dot-com days we used to talk about stickiness, or how to make an application so formidable in its functionality that consumers couldn’t bear to lose it … read >>


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