Points for Passion

collective biasSocial networks alter the dynamics of consumer enthusiasm. By Holly Pavlika and Mary Tarczynski. Think about college and pro-football fans. What do they have in common? They have a shared history, a common goal, hallowed symbols (colors, mascot, rallying cry) and rituals. How can you create that kind of passion for your brand? Consider Red Bull, a brand that does an excellent job of aligning with its consumers’ passions: skateboarding, music, motorsports and more are featured as channels. Red Bull then surrounds itself with remarkable content, such as its psychedelic golf challenge (an indoor golf course featuring fluorescent golf balls, animated creatures and other special effects). The content makes the brand more interesting and engaging.

"Global Citizen," a program created by the Global Poverty Project, provides another instructive take on harnessing consumer passion. Enthusiasm to take on hunger and poverty is rewarded via social sharing: Every time consumers write a senator, share a blog post or tweet a message, they accumulate points they can use to enter drawings to win tickets to concerts and other special events. These events, in turn, further communicate the Global Poverty Project’s mission, and consumers find themselves in an audience filled with others who share their passion. continue


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