pivot point   Today’s Question. How does one measure the brand experience? By Tim Manners.
hub magazine   Not So Fast. The speed of digital is slower than it seems. By Tim Manners.
hub magazine pivot point   Branded! A searing truth separates brand winners from losers. By Tim Manners.
spencer hapoienu   The Brand Arc. The brands with the most equity are those with a story their customers value. By Spencer L. Hapoienu. read >>
rick burton   Keeping Score. Accountability is in the objectives in the age of Armstrong. By Rick Burton. read >>
hub magazine pivot point   The Bottom Line. Accountability is a concept, not a number. By Tim Manners. read >>
hub magazine   Experience Required. The future of brands is in the experience. By Tim Manners. read >>
ben sadler wunderman   Loyalty International. Cultural nuances drive consumer motivations. By Ben Sadler. read >>
cheryl giovannoni landor   Working Together. Enduring client engagements are the heart and soul of agency greatness. By Cheryl Giovannoni. read >>

hub magazine   Color Me Loyal. Let’s face it: Without loyalty, a brand isn’t a brand. By Tim Manners. read >>

spencer hapoeinu   Consumer Commandments. Today’s consumer could be tomorrow’s media director. By Spencer L. Hapoienu. read >>
pivot point   Big Bang Media. The medium is the insight. By Tim Manners.
john gerzema   Cinderellanomics. Imagine no possessions; consumers borrow instead of buy. By John Gerzema. read >>
beth ann kaminkow   The Ubiquity of Luxury. The blending of mass and class is a win for brands and consumers alike. By Beth Ann Kaminkow. read >>
  Digital Empathy. Listen closely to real people to develop emotional insights. By Whitney Browne. read >>
  Divining Insight. Let your creative people take a bath in data. By Beth Ann Kaminknow. read >>
  Insanely Great. Remembering Steve Jobs and the NeXT big thing. By John Uppgren. read >>
  Radical Basics. One brand’s innovation is another’s price-of-entry. By Spencer L. Hapoineu. read >>
  Game Changer. The future of sports is in the hands of fans, not team owners. By Rick Burton. read >>
  The Right Question. A different kind of query can produce a fresh set of answers. By Brent Shedd. read >>
  Hacking for Humanity. Old-school definitions of hacking are slipping away. By John Gerzema. read >>
  Our Hero. It’s innovation that makes our daily lives better. By Tim Manners. read >>
  Restless Natives. The more things stay the same, the more they change. By Beth Ann Kaminkow. read >>
  Emerging Me-dia. A personal social-media strategy is essential to career success. By David Hollingsworth. read >>
  Under The Influence. Friends don’t let friends drive sales. By Tim Manners. read >>
  Just One Thing. Simplicity in brand identity is harder than it looks. By Tim >>
  Straight A’s. You can get straight A’s in marketing and still flunk ordinary life. By Tim >>
  Blank Canvas. Retail offers a palette of possibilities for brand creative today. By Beth Ann Kaminkow and Michael Lovegrove. read >>
  Joe’s Knows. Even checkout can be magical at retail. By Tim Manners. read >>
  Failing Forward. Even the most catastrophic debacle can lead to next-generation innovation. By Kipp Cheng. read >>
  Idea Club. Ideas worth buying are ideas worth fighting for. By Dino de Leon. read >>
  Edison Illuminated. Inventors and marketers must be joined at the hip. By Sarah Miller Caldicott. read >>
  When In Doubt. Our questions reveal truths that drive innovations. By Paul Lavoie. read >>
  Let’s Party! Let’s Party! Visit iTunes and get the Hub. By Tim Manners. read >>
  The Loyalty Diet. A weight-loss app could be the gold standard for building loyalty. By Spencer L. Hapoienu. read >>
  Trustiness. A crazy little thing called loyalty. By Tim Manners. read >>
  Contrary Brands. Less can be more when it comes to creating meaningful brand distinctions. By Spencer L. Hapoienu. read >>
  On Sale Now! Teaching old media new tricks. Please tell everyone you know: The Hub is now on sale at Barnes & Noble bookstores. By Tim Manners. read >>
Pivot Point   BP’s Reality. A culture that cares is a cause worth considering. By Tim Manners. (pdf) or (text)
Pivot Point   Outta Insight! The Hub Top 12 reveals both undeniable progess and much work to be done. By Tim Manners. (pdf) or (text).
Jason Katz, Catapult   Playing Favorites. Retailers need more than fun-and-cool stores to win shopper favor.  By Spencer L. Hapoienu. (pdf) or (text)
Beth Ann Kaminkow, Tracy Locke   Embracing the Cause. Retailers and brands must work together for the shopper’s greater good. By Beth Ann Kaminkow. (pdf) or (text)
Seth Diamond, Catapult   Unconventional Wisdom. Meaningful insights are more than just opinions masquerading as facts.  By Seth Diamond. (pdf) or (text)
Ken Barnett, Mars   Shopper Crossroads. The new way forward is at the nexus of brand management and shopper marketing. By Ken Barnett. (pdf) or (text)
Beth Ann Kaminkow, TracyLocke   Popping for Shoppers. The "pop-up" trend is driving retail innovation. By Beth Ann Kaminkow. (pdf) or (text)
Cable Daniel-Dreyfus, Landor   Beauty in Virtue. Luxury brands can make us look (and feel) good. By Cable Daniel-Dreyfus. (pdf) or (text)
Pivot Point   Razor Sharp. Remembering the late, great Geoffrey Frost. By Tim Manners. (pdf) or (text)
Pivot Point   Truth, Lies & Loyalty. Loyalty is what we make it. By Tim Manners. (pdf) or (text)
Pivot Point   Call & Response. May the old media rest in peace. By Tim Manners. (pdf) or (text)
Dori Molitor, WomanWise   The Waterford Effect. The ultimate strength of a brand’s identity comes from within.  By Dori Molitor. (pdf) or (text)
Pivot Point   Split Screen. A brand divided against itself cannot stand. Or can it? By Tim Manners. (pdf) or (text)
Pivot Point   Turn it Up. The Hub Top 12. By Tim Manners. (pdf) or (text)
Dori Molitor, WomanWise   The Big Shift. Corporate culture needs to view consumer culture through a new lens. By Dori Molitor. (pdf) or (text)
Jim Porcarelli, Active International   Making Retail Magic. An emotional connection at retail pulls shoppers and creates loyalty.  By Jim Porçarelli. (pdf) or (text)
Dori Molitor, WomanWise   Purpose to Power. Serving your consumers means reaching for higher ground. By Dori Molitor. (pdf) or (text)
Al Silverstein, Active International   Where’s the Beef? Is Facebook the new Tupperware … or is its marketing potential just another new-media whopper? By Al Silverstein. (pdf) or (text)
Pivot Point   Reset at Retail. Difficult times call for creative methods and visionary leadership. By Kendra Wehmeyer. (pdf) or (text)
Pivot Point   Think Retail. So what about shopper marketing? By Tim Manners. (pdf) or (text)
Spencer Hapoineu, Insight out of Chaos   The Obama Challenge. One should never waste a good crisis … and by all accounts this one will be a doozy.  By Spencer L. Hapoienu. (pdf) or (text)
Dori Molitor, WomanWise   Everyone Matters. You’ve got to give to get … but the best gift is the one that comes from your heart. By Dori Molitor. (pdf) or (text)
Tim Manners, The Hub   Crisis of Relevance. If irrelevance got us into this fix, then relevance can get us out of it. By Tim Manners. (pdf) or (text)